Sree Hosamath, a five hundred year old monastery that has all along its history continues to be led by enlightened spiritual heads. Their contribution has enriched the quality of life of all sections of people in the areas of religion, philosophy, culture, literature and education. Owing its allegiance to the 12th century mentors, Basaveshwara and his contemporary Sharnas, the Math within the limits of its own resources is rendering its service, keeping the spirit of Kayaka and Dasoha of the Sharanas in everything it does.

Sree Chidananda Swamiji established Sree Nataraja Prathistana in 1986 of which he is now the President. The Nataraja Prathistana is at present running 20 educational institutions which covers Schools, Colleges, Post Graduate centre, School of Nursing and a hostel for girls including a Home for the aged, located in Mysore and elsewhere in Mysore district, with an enrolled student strength of over 3500. Nataraja Prathistana complex is well within the reach of urbanites and students from the rural Mysore. The major thrust of the majority of these institutions is to educate women, especially from the rural areas.

Swamiji's Message

True education is the only weapon to transform the society for peaceful coexistence of one and all. The Mission of Sree Hosamath is to nurture and develop the talents and skills of the students in a true sense in order to support the social and economic advancement of the country. It is committed to provide the students with quality education who aspire to acquire knowledge, skills and qualification keeping in view the needs and aspirations of the modern world.


All efforts are made to shape the young minds possessing high confidence, creative thinking, knowledge of the subject, and high moral and social values. An atmosphere of learning by interaction between teachers and students based on the age old tradition of Guru and Shishya is prevailing in the Campus. Sree Hosamath emphasizes on preparing the students, ready to face the challenges of life boldly with courage,truthfulness and honesty.


Educational Institutions Run By the SREE NATARAJA PRATHISTANA

1. Sri Nataraja Post Graduate Center (M.Com), Shankar Math Road, Mysore.

2. Sri Nataraja Residential First Grade College for Women, Shankar Math Road, Mysore.

3. Sri Nataraja Pre University College for Women, Shankar Math Road, Mysore.

4. Sri Vathsalya College of Education, Shankar Math Road, Mysore.

5. Sri Nataraja School of Nursing, Shankar Math Road, Mysore.

6. Sri Nataraja Public School (CBSE), Shankar Math Road, Mysore.

7. Sri Nataraja High School (English Medium), Shankar Math Road, Mysore.

8. Sri Nataraja High School, (Kannada Medium) Shankar Math Road, Mysore.

9. Sri Nataraja Higher Primary School, (English Medium), Shankar Math Road, Mysore.

10. Sri Nataraja Convent (Kannada Medium), Shankar Math Road, Mysore.

11. Sri Nataraja Pre-Primary School, Shankar Math Road, Mysore.

12. Sri Nataraja Convent, Jayachamarajendra Nagar, Mysore.

13. Sri Gowrishankar High School (Kannada Medium), Gowrishankar Nagar, Mysore.

14. Sri Nataraja Convent, Nagavala, Mysore TQ.

15. Sri Nataraja Public School, Nagavala, Mysore TQ.

16. Sri Nataraja High School (Kannada Medium), Chidaravalli, T. Narasipura TQ.

17. Sri Nataraja Pre University Hostel for Women, Shankar Math Road, Mysore.

18. Sri Nataraja Nursing Hostel for Women, Shankar Math Road, Mysore.

19. Sri Nataraja Sabhamandir, Shankar Math Road, Mysore.

20. T. S. Chandrashekaraiah Institute of Para Medical Sciences, Nagavala, Mysore TQ, Mysore.

21. Sri Nataraja Home for the Aged, Nagavala, Mysore TQ, Mysore.

Special Officer

The Prathistana’s Manifesto

Presently Education in the country has gained momentum in the light of global transformation. The forthcoming era demands a dynamic pool of intellectual skills which can stand the test of time and contribute exceptional expertise for progress and development of the society.

Sree Nataraja Prathistana, Mysore, commits itself to be a part of this changing environment with futuristic vision. Its emphasis has always been on empowering women, especially rural women, by way of educating them in as many areas of training and skills development besides exposing them to India’s great cultural and artistic past which in turn help them to contribute to make it more enriched.

Sree Nataraja Prathistana offers diverse and well-planned educational opportunities by sharpening the rough edges of the budding aspirants to help them come up in life and also succeed in their chosen areas.

We focus on improving the overall skills both written and oral expertise of our students. Every student will undergo training to acquire practical skills to meet the academic excellence and prepare themselves for academic performance.

Sree Nataraja Prathistana welcomes every student individually and collectively promising that their stay in its institutions will be highly rewarding academically as well as personally.